Thursday, 29 August 2013

Iced Coffee, the Popular Way to Get Refreshed and Energized

We all look forward to a great coffee, no matter what day, time or season it is of the year. No special occasion or mood is required to get indulged into a perfectly brewed coffee. Cafeterias allow people to relax, unwind and spent some cozy moments with their loved ones, sipping the variety of flavours that they have to offer. And not only do they serve refreshment but many more things, such as pastries, chocolates, cakes, etc., to people to enjoy with or without a beverage. Their soothing ambience adds to the taste that they serve in their beautiful crockery. One can easily plan a one-on-one meeting at these places. They also offer one the option to study or simply work from their location.

Some cafeterias along with offering the various variants of coffee, also offer the option of tea to the connoisseur of tea. While selecting a beverage, you must first start with the menu that the cafeterias display to its patrons. The menu will tell you the variety of refreshment that the joint is offering, along with their respective prices.

If you develop the fetish for a special coffee served by a professional chain then you can be rest assured that no matter which city you are in, the chain will serve you the same quality and taste everywhere.

Iced coffee is quite popular among its lovers. Not only are they known as a refreshment but also as a healthy coffee. The specialty with the serving them by these professional chains is that they know the process of brewing them perfectly. They are also known to serve much cleaner flavor than what you get in your home. They don’t allow old coffee to sit down for long in order to restrain its volatile flavours from getting diluted.

For Iced coffee it is always advisable to make a stronger brew than what you would for a hot variant. Now chilling it quickly is required which is something that the chains can do better with their sophisticated dispensers. When it comes to adding of sugar, the hard sugar is not recommended, instead, liquid sugar should be used to sweeten the coffee on ice.

The variety of coffee that we are being served today by the chains is making people go crazy for them. Though their all variants can be prepared at home, the perfect taste and blend can only be enjoyed among the soothing ambience of a professional shop.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Do Not Miss Out The Opportunity To Have The Best Coffee Or Tea

Some people in this world are fond of Swiss hot chocolate. This is amazing and you have to drink in order to know how good it is. It is really tasty and you will be treating yourself with something great and tasty. It is like a best treat you will be giving to yourself especially in winter. If it is too cold and if you get a big cup of it then it is like a dream cum true.

You can enjoy it alone and you can also enjoy it with your friends as well. You will be able to get it in many restaurants. It is worth trying if you have not tried it before. Once you have tasted it you will surely like it and will want to have it again and again. If not daily you can have it at least once a week and fulfil your dream of having it. Some like tea while there are some who would like to have healthy coffee. The coffee is one some drink that is healthy and gives you energy and you will surely feel fresh after having it.

So next time you go out and wish to have something great do not forget to try this. The taste is good and almost everyone will like it. You can have strong as well as mild and that totally depends on your taste. The rate of every coffee is different and it depends on the coffee you have chosen and the size of the cup. This is without any doubt the best drink you can even make your friend a drink.

There might be numerous bars and restaurants where coffee might be served. Visit few and order for the coffee after a few visits you will yourself realize which one is the best and as per your taste. So next time you can go to the place, which was like the most by you.

You can also make it at home if you are fond of making it and having it. If you do not know, you can learn it and have it. You can have hot or cold coffee. Hot is good for winter and cold one is good for summer. Some would prefer to have cold coffee in winter as well as in summer. You can check on more details online as many websites are offering these details.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Know About The Benefits Of Coffee And Tea

Coffee board is an autonomous body of a country. It serves as a philosopher, friend and guide to the coffee industry of the nation. They are responsible for extension, quality up-gradation, domestic and external promotion and market information. The board works a lot towards introducing enticing coffee flavors.

What are the beauty benefits of drinking coffee and tea?

Chamomile tea strengthens the hairs. You need to prepare a mixture by adding 2 cups of hot water, 2 chamomile tea bags and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice. Once the solution is ready, you could use it to rinse your hairs. This will provide a natural blonde shade to your hairs.

You could drink Oolong tea to fight dark circles and wrinkles. The antioxidants present in this wonderful drink lessen the fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. Moreover, it will provide you protection from harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Why is it recommended to drink lemongrass tea?

Lemongrass tea could be considered as an amazing detoxifying agent. It is known for cleansing your system internally. Moreover, you could get rid of acne and blemishes if you apply it over your face. Use a cotton wick to apply it over the open pores, pimples and scars on your face.

Drinking lavender tea on a regular basis provides a glowing skin. Moreover, it cures various skin conditions like sores, wounds and cut. It is beneficial to deal with various problems like hair loss. Make sure that you use non-sweetened tea to rinse your hair.

Flavored coffee is loved by one and all. Enticing flavors bring a unique aroma, warmth and taste to the drink. An array of flavors is available in the coffee shops. Hence, it becomes quite difficult to make the right choice. Companies follow different approaches to flavor the coffee. Some add coffee as it brews while some of them follow the below mentioned strategies.

•    Initially, a blend of beans with right flavor profile are selected
•    Now, a highly concentrated syrup is selected, which is to be infused into the coffee beans
•    Beans from the roaster are added into a mixer
•    Add syrup in the mixer and allow the beans and syrup to mix for about 15 minutes
•    In the meanwhile, beans will absorb the aroma and syrup. The micro porous texture of beans allows the syrup to be infused into them

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Common coffee drinks in a coffee shop menu

Following are the names you can usually come across at any coffee bar. This is the common characterization of well-known coffees. Even though, a lot of places have come up with their individual interpretations.

Caffe Mocha - it is often called as Mocha. A traditional mocha is 1/3rd espresso, 1/3rd hot chocolate (authentic hot chocolate, not the syrup), and 1/3rd steamed milk. Caffe Mocha is similar to a chocolate cappuccino and can be prepared with special flavors by adding up syrups, for example Irish Cream, Hazelnut, or French Vanilla. However, nearly all coffee houses do not make the age-old caffe mochas.

Americano - This is an espresso drink, explaining how the majority of Americans drink their coffee. It is just an espresso drink mixed with hot water.

Espresso - A full-flavored, strong variety of coffee that is offered in “shots.” Espresso is prepared by forcing hot water via extremely delicately ground coffee beans. This procedure is described as “pulling a shot.”

Every shot is approximately 1 ounce. A lot of cafes decide to just offer double espressos (2 shots, also described as “Doppios,” which is Italian for “doubles”).

Caffe Latte - The latte is possibly the most well-known espresso based drink. Really a milkier cappuccino, hot milk is mixed with a fresh shot of espresso topped with a 1/4th inch coat of foam. The milk is concentrated to taste between hotness of 150-170 degrees Fahrenheit.

Espresso Macchiato – it is an espresso with a little amount of milk.

Latte Macchiato – it is A Glass of hot milk with a small amount of espresso.

Barista Lavazza is all about delicious coffee as well as conversations. Its menu comprises of Hazelnut Mocha, Iced Cappuccino, Caffe Mocha, Crème Caramel Latte, Caffe twist and a lot more.

Barista Lavazza has now come up with its new list of options for the summers which consist of new variety in drinks as well as food.

The menu consist of thirst busters like butterscotch coffee crunch, a crunchy butterscotch ice cream coffee topped via whipped cream as well as tempting butterscotch crunches. People who are conscious about their health can have tasty and healthy sandwiches like Cottage Cheese Delicacy, Garbanzo Pocket, Chicken Cajun Tramezzino as well as Egg Brekwich.

Their latest variety of desserts consists of the recently launched choco Chip Muffin, Californian Prune Muffin, Walnut Coffee Blueberry as well as fruit fantasy. Besides, you can treat yourself to their combo offers. You can have the benefit of these offers at any outlet of barista.

Monday, 27 May 2013

Café- A place for many other activities except having coffee

The majority of cities have a lot of coffee bars, nowadays. These are great spots for those who love to have a good cup of coffee. There are various entertaining things to do here, in addition to just drinking on your much loved espresso drink.

If you're in search of a calm ambience to lighten up and read a good book while drinking a cup of hot coffee, then café is the best place for you; it provides you an opportunity to escape from the chaos of the children schedules, so you are able to have a little bit of time for yourself.

It is moreover a good place to meet a buddy of yours, to catch-up for a small time. You can relax and gossip without any disturbance, while drinking a cup of hot or iced coffee.

If you are a sales manager, you can always entertain a patron or two over a cup of coffee in the calm background, while you get to make out what will influence them to carry out business with you.

Coffee shop is a great place to meet your school friends, as the environment is ideal for pulling out the class notes and studying for an approaching examination.

Nearly all coffee shops offer Wi-Fi, therefore it is a hot spot for a lot of gamers to start with the knocking down of their rivals, at the same time as hyping up on coffee and tea.

The Wi-Fi access makes the neighboring coffee shop a great place to visit to check your messages or to log in at social networking sites and see what’s latest. You can moreover use the time over here on official projects that you might have to set up a Power Point presentation for. You will have a more relaxed environment and a lesser amount of disturbance then you might have at the workplace.

To enjoy reading the daily newspaper is one more activity that is made more pleasurable with a cup of coffee. Nobody can disturb you in a café.

A café is a great place to meet new people. You might find that you can simply start chatting as you are waiting for your café Latte mug and that chat might be the beginning of a future companionship.

If you're into listening songs, carry your MP3 player and get into the mood as you listen to your choicest songs while drinking coffee on ice.

If you're out taking care of everyday jobs and want a break and a boost, then think about a coffee shop and drop by for your favorite caffeinated beverage, be it a flavored coffee, ice-cream coffee etc.

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Experience Perfect Espresso at Barista Lavazza

Want to experience authentic Italian flavors in a cup of coffee? Barista Lavazza is an apt place to taste a diverse range of coffees. Here one can get from international hot coffees to cold coffees, refreshing mocktails, low calorie drinks, iced teas and many other exciting flavored coffees and drinks. At Barista Lavazza serving a perfectly brewed cup of coffee in a warm and friendly environment is the objective of every brew master and an ideal espresso is the heart of every coffee here.

Espresso is a beverage brewed by forcing a very small amount of hot water through a finely ground coffee under pressure. It is almost a syrupy beverage extracted by combining ground coffee beans and hot boiling water. This espresso is brewed in a unique way that is why it has thicker consistency than coffees brewed in other manners.  This process of coffee brewing brings a creamy texture and much concentrated flavors in your cup of coffee. In espresso more caffeine content is present than other beverages and there are various ways of making an espresso but the actual Italian way is different and involves loads of skills, expertise and experience. Due to the involvement of these skills, espresso making is considered as an art. Basically there are four distinct features that create a great espresso shot and those features are the flavor, aroma, crème and texture of the espresso. The combination of all these elements makes up a perfectly brewed cup of coffee, which is offered to every customer at Barista Lavazza.

At Barista Lavazza proper training is provided to the brew masters from Italian experts to make a perfect espresso shot for customers. Here consistency is maintained in every espresso delivery, so that customers can experience the flavors of fine Arabic beans. Here one can enjoy an extensive variety of coffees and other flavored drinks such as hazelnut mocha, cinnamon honey caffe, Swiss hot chocolate, Brrrista mocha frappe, mango smoothie, coffee shakes and lot many others. Not only beverages are available but at this restaurant a wide variety of delicious deserts, pastas, pizzas, veggie delights and lasagna are also available that one can enjoy with their favorite drink. Even those who want to experience Barista Lavazza’s Italian essences at home can buy their coffee merchandise. A range of merchandise that is available is Cupids, magic mugs, cookie tins, trendy sippers, premium insulated sippers, signature mugs, key chains, jute bag, coffee maker, plungers, jars, ice creams, signature cho-co treats and much more.

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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Know Components and Health Benefits of Your Coffee

Coffee, which was treated as a harmful, unsafe and acidic beverage earlier is now making headlines for its health benefits.  Nowadays coffee is considered as a healthy drink with numerous advantages. It is helpful in reducing number of diseases and risks. Even a single cup of coffee a day can prevent perilous diseases like cancer and heart attack. Coffee is even goof for diabetic patient. It reduces headaches and the risk of having depression, asthma and tooth cavities as well.

Everything has certain side effects when it is used in excess but in case of coffee researchers have explained that coffee has more health benefits than its harmful effects. Coffee consumption keeps your heart, body and mind healthy for long. Its caffeine content stimulates energy throughout your body and helps in keeping you fresh and active. Caffeine also works as a pain reliever which minimizes pains and troubles of day-to-day life. In recent times coffee is available in huge variety. You can experience a range from hot cappuccino to cold coffee, ice cream coffee, mocha, espresso shots, Swiss hot chocolate, coffee shakes and much more. Even these days in coffee houses a variety of flavored and iced teas are also available.

Those who are mad over coffee must know its benefits, basic aspect, characters and qualities. But to judge a coffee whether it is perfectly brewed or not, we must know its four basic aspects and all these aspects are the components of coffee as well.

1.    Acidity- It is an important character that distinguishes a cup of coffee from others. Acidity of coffee is its pleasant sharpness and strong taste. This acidity is sometimes described as a sensation around the edges of tongue. Acidity is very much necessary in every cup of coffee. It gives a sharp, powerful and energetic feeling to the coffee.

2.    Body- It is the texture and consistency of the coffee. Body of the coffee describes how thick, watery, light or rich the coffee is. Body also defines the amount of soluble components present. Body of a coffee depends upon the method of brewing.

3.    Aroma- Aroma of coffee is its fragrance that describes how good your coffee is. Aroma can be felt when you take several deep breaths after placing your coffee cup few inches away from your nose.

4.    Flavor- Flavor is the only component which is prepared by the combination of acidity, body and aroma. Along with all these combinations flavor involves the overall effect felt such as sweetness, bitterness, sour and salty flavor, etc.

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