Thursday, 11 April 2013

Know Components and Health Benefits of Your Coffee

Coffee, which was treated as a harmful, unsafe and acidic beverage earlier is now making headlines for its health benefits.  Nowadays coffee is considered as a healthy drink with numerous advantages. It is helpful in reducing number of diseases and risks. Even a single cup of coffee a day can prevent perilous diseases like cancer and heart attack. Coffee is even goof for diabetic patient. It reduces headaches and the risk of having depression, asthma and tooth cavities as well.

Everything has certain side effects when it is used in excess but in case of coffee researchers have explained that coffee has more health benefits than its harmful effects. Coffee consumption keeps your heart, body and mind healthy for long. Its caffeine content stimulates energy throughout your body and helps in keeping you fresh and active. Caffeine also works as a pain reliever which minimizes pains and troubles of day-to-day life. In recent times coffee is available in huge variety. You can experience a range from hot cappuccino to cold coffee, ice cream coffee, mocha, espresso shots, Swiss hot chocolate, coffee shakes and much more. Even these days in coffee houses a variety of flavored and iced teas are also available.

Those who are mad over coffee must know its benefits, basic aspect, characters and qualities. But to judge a coffee whether it is perfectly brewed or not, we must know its four basic aspects and all these aspects are the components of coffee as well.

1.    Acidity- It is an important character that distinguishes a cup of coffee from others. Acidity of coffee is its pleasant sharpness and strong taste. This acidity is sometimes described as a sensation around the edges of tongue. Acidity is very much necessary in every cup of coffee. It gives a sharp, powerful and energetic feeling to the coffee.

2.    Body- It is the texture and consistency of the coffee. Body of the coffee describes how thick, watery, light or rich the coffee is. Body also defines the amount of soluble components present. Body of a coffee depends upon the method of brewing.

3.    Aroma- Aroma of coffee is its fragrance that describes how good your coffee is. Aroma can be felt when you take several deep breaths after placing your coffee cup few inches away from your nose.

4.    Flavor- Flavor is the only component which is prepared by the combination of acidity, body and aroma. Along with all these combinations flavor involves the overall effect felt such as sweetness, bitterness, sour and salty flavor, etc.

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