Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Experience Perfect Espresso at Barista Lavazza

Want to experience authentic Italian flavors in a cup of coffee? Barista Lavazza is an apt place to taste a diverse range of coffees. Here one can get from international hot coffees to cold coffees, refreshing mocktails, low calorie drinks, iced teas and many other exciting flavored coffees and drinks. At Barista Lavazza serving a perfectly brewed cup of coffee in a warm and friendly environment is the objective of every brew master and an ideal espresso is the heart of every coffee here.

Espresso is a beverage brewed by forcing a very small amount of hot water through a finely ground coffee under pressure. It is almost a syrupy beverage extracted by combining ground coffee beans and hot boiling water. This espresso is brewed in a unique way that is why it has thicker consistency than coffees brewed in other manners.  This process of coffee brewing brings a creamy texture and much concentrated flavors in your cup of coffee. In espresso more caffeine content is present than other beverages and there are various ways of making an espresso but the actual Italian way is different and involves loads of skills, expertise and experience. Due to the involvement of these skills, espresso making is considered as an art. Basically there are four distinct features that create a great espresso shot and those features are the flavor, aroma, crème and texture of the espresso. The combination of all these elements makes up a perfectly brewed cup of coffee, which is offered to every customer at Barista Lavazza.

At Barista Lavazza proper training is provided to the brew masters from Italian experts to make a perfect espresso shot for customers. Here consistency is maintained in every espresso delivery, so that customers can experience the flavors of fine Arabic beans. Here one can enjoy an extensive variety of coffees and other flavored drinks such as hazelnut mocha, cinnamon honey caffe, Swiss hot chocolate, Brrrista mocha frappe, mango smoothie, coffee shakes and lot many others. Not only beverages are available but at this restaurant a wide variety of delicious deserts, pastas, pizzas, veggie delights and lasagna are also available that one can enjoy with their favorite drink. Even those who want to experience Barista Lavazza’s Italian essences at home can buy their coffee merchandise. A range of merchandise that is available is Cupids, magic mugs, cookie tins, trendy sippers, premium insulated sippers, signature mugs, key chains, jute bag, coffee maker, plungers, jars, ice creams, signature cho-co treats and much more.

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